How about some Chukars?

Our home raised Chukars are sure

to please and a blast to hunt.

With 3 types of birds to choose from, we are sure to have the combination you are after.  The choice is yours Pheasant, Quail, Chukar Partridge, or any mix you desire.

The ring-necked Pheasant has become one of America’s favorite game birds and is the best known of the Pheasant species.  Not only is this bird a good flyer, but it is also meaty and flavorful for cooking... nice to take home after the hunt.  Our birds are raised to have especially beautiful markings and fly extremely well!

Large manicured food plots with grass buffers help provide the perfect habitat for game of all types.

If Quail are your desire, Glasscock’s Shooting Preserve is sure to please. With oversized flight pens and a secret diet our quail fly like no others!

At Glasscock’s shooting preserve, much care has been taken not only to ensure your enjoyment, but to ensure the success of “lost birds.”  This has helped us build a large semi-native base of birds that guarantee you will see more birds than you request.

With over 600 acres and multiple shooting fields our shooting preserve can handle everything from individual half day hunts to large corporate events.  We have only scratched the surface with the preceding pictures, come see why Glasscock’s shooting preserve is quickly becoming Iowa’s premier upland bird hunting destination!

The Birds

The Fields